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Barber’s Services

Up Your Style With Our Traditional Barbershop’s Services for a New or Classic Look. Traditional barbershop services are our specialty with men haircut, straight razor shaves, and beard trims being … Learn More

Men’s Haircuts

Make a Visit to Vacaville’s Top Barber Shop for a Classic or Modern Men’s Haircut. At Mid-Town Barbershop, our talented staff has many years of experience. Traditional men's haircuts may be our most … Learn More

At Mid-Town Barbershop, we offer the best men’s hair cuts, hair care, and male grooming services for our clients in Vacaville, Solano County, Yolo County, CA, and the surrounding areas. Our talented barbers, techniques, tools, and additional services help make for an excellent overall result that will be sure to impress anywhere you go.

Our barbers are well skilled in identifying your best features and how to have your hair enhance that. At our Barber Shop, you will get to enjoy all the best in facial and head hair care. Straight razor shaves, beard trims, shear cuts, and bald fades are just a few of our top services.

Customer satisfaction is our goal with each client that steps through our door. Whether you are set in your ways or want to experiment, we can accommodate any taste and style to ensure you walk out confident in your appearance. Visit our barbershop today and learn why our customers keep on coming back.

Barber Shop Services

There is nothing quite as relaxing as knowing you are in the hands of a barber who understands your expectations when you visits the barbershop. From straight razor shaves to traditional men haircuts, we will set you at ease and make your visit a pleasure.

Our selection of services includes:

  • Traditional men’s haircuts
  • Head trim
  • Straight razor shaves
  • Beard trims
  • Beard shaping
  • Shear cut
  • Razor lineup
  • Neck touchup
  • Shaving services

To find out the barber’s specializations in hair care, come pay us a visit today. We happily serve Vacaville, Solano County, Yolo County, CA, and the surrounding areas.

Men’s Haircuts

At Mid-Town Barbershop, a haircut is not just a chance to make you look neat. Men’s haircuts that are done by a skillful hand can enhance a person’s overall appearance and be a reflection of their health and personality. Let our barber guide you on the best styles so that you can continue making your best first impressions.

Our selection of services includes:

  • Traditional men’s haircuts
  • Shear cut hair
  • Razor lineup
  • Bald fade
  • Fro-shaping
  • Slick backs
  • Custom hair designs

To find out what men’s haircuts Mid-Town Barbershop has to offer, come check us out today. We look forward to your visit.